The end of the year 2003 gives birth to Beelzeb - a Black Metal band integrated By Asath Lug Beelzeb (formerly known as one of the two members of the project named Shroud) - and Phaul Bokrug. 

Combining the musical performance in long themes of sophisticated structure with a lyrical concept based fundamentally in some of the blackest states of human soul, Asath and Phaul join their creativity in order to record "Misanthrope´s Aurora" - a full lengh album with 6 tracks of cutting and doomed Black Metal music -.

Obviously, title of the album and lyrical concept are very interconnected one another. Misanthropy appears like a logical consecuence, same as nihilism or pessimism, inside a nature that dives in the core of sickening feelings and mind states, searching for a reference to clutch the last chinks of sanity. But the question is in the air: Where is the beguining and the end of sanity? Or how fine is the line that separates both of them?

The poetry included in this recording is an invitation to all those restless souls, often deprived of enough stability or common points of view, often condemned to undertake a straining voyage through their constrained lives; perhaps for sinking them even more...?? Who cares if it´s so? Anyway, tragedy will discriminate and decide for all of us...

AN EMOTIONAL STATE IN BLACK. Released on july, 2008

 A new and emphatic homage to sorrow and grief comes hand in hand with this BEELZEB´s second album.

 Worked out as a totally conceptual piece, with a thematic line common to the whole disc, treated inhere lie a great part of the diverse aspects of sadness, grasped from different perspectives through the eight songs which the album is composed of.

 A non-identification with the concept of the record means to stand apart from the intense, morbid passion of extreme paroxism; although, an identification with BEELZEB´s prose means that “you are really in trouble”, - to the effect that this art compels the listener to the recreation and enjoy with different forms of sinking -. So there is no middle point - or it´s meant to be so -.

 Sites and dimensions which one is driven to, run in the manner of a seducement towards a point of no return; - one won´t be back being the same, for will have fed his soul with visions and evocations whose nature impregnates the self in such a way (perhaps like an intimate whisper) that the focussing on emotional universe is deeply altered -.

 Insanity, depression, death in life and terminal melancholy and affliction are recurring themes in this field closed to prosaic and shallow eyes - though, on the other hand, fortunate in their divine ignorance -.

 Everything remains said, then, for that one who knows how to listen - for that one who lends ears to this underworld - inasmuch as, to he who is conscious of living inside their own infernal delirium and inertial chaos, there is no longer need to tell him that there´s also beauty in the horror of decadence.



Asath Lug Beelzeb : Guitar, Vocals, Bass, keyboards

Phaul Bokrug : Drums, Keyboards